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Winter Menu


Fall Mushrooms 6
Roasted at 650 F, house-made sweet shallot vinaigrette, fresh Herbs

Focaccia 5
Savory seasoned focaccia grilled shallot oil and sprinkled in sea salt and fresh herbs


Roasted Beet Salad 9
Oven roasted beets, arugula, candied pecans, shallot balsamic vinaigrette, and finished with fresh thyme

Island Salad 12
 Romaine, spinach, cranberries, grape tomatoes, chopped bacon, and shaved parmigiana, tossed in a
house Caesar dressing

Soup of the day, bowl 8


Meat Lasagna: traditional Italian lasagna complete with beef and ricotta, finished with mozzarella and herbs 20,
served with a side salad

Fresh Local Goods pasta: Tossed in a saucy blend of Alfredo base with your choice of pesto (basil, chipotle or tomato garlic), and the three cheese blend OR have your pasta tossed in a marinara sauce 11, add any of the pizza toppings




Pie & a Pint (check availability when ordering)
A single topping personal pizza and a pint of our draft beer (IPA, Lager, Hefeweizen, Scotch Ale) 17, with merlot or chardonnay (Terra Blanca) add 2 , or with a can of soda (Pepsi/Diet Pepsi, Crush, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer) 13

Seasonal Squash
A surprisingly delicious combination of house made crust, roasted butternut squash, yam puree, roasted onions and hot chili oil, topped with feta cheese & mozzarella cheese finished with a balsamic reduction with fresh chopped herbs 20
Wine: Zolo Malbec 10  

Cheesie Goodness
House made crust, tomato sauce, four cheese blend: (mozzarella, Parmigiana-Reggiano, Asiago and Romano), oregano 18
Wine: Criss Cross Petite Sirah (CA)

Americas Favorite
A pepperoni pie like no other.   A house made crust with a full layer of spicy pepperoni, a hint of bacon and a full on three cheese blend. Yummy. 21
Wine: Montepulciano 10 or Red Rabble 9

The Sausage
Bright tomato sauce, zesty Italian sausage, crisp shallots and a sharp blend of three cheeses 21
Wine: Terra Blanca Merlot 8

Ham and Pineapple
American smoked ham complemented with pineapple from our 50th state and a sharp blend of three cheeses 21
Wine: Cantina Zaccagnini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy) 8

White Pizza
A saucy blend of Alfredo base with your choice of pesto (basil, chipotle or tomato garlic), and the three cheese blend 18
and then you choose additional pizza toppings, see below.

Wine: Buried Cane Chardonnay 9

Additional Pizza Toppings: sunflower seeds 1, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, jalapenos, olives, arugula, kale 2 cheese, sausage, pepperoni or anchovies, chicken, meatballs 6





Chocolate Toffee Mousse Tort:
toffee crunches float among silken chocolate mousse on a kalua cookie crust 8,

clouds of light mascarpone cream on coffee-brandy-soaked lady fingers, finished with imported sweet cocoa 8

Apple Pie:
mounds of fresh, crisp apples, saucy with cinnamon apple cider and loaded with
crunchy granola’d crumbs, served with vanilla ice cream 8

tasty and adorable! 3 each

Chocolate Chunk Brownie:
A buttery, chocolate, chewy brownie is generously topped with HERSHEY’S milk chocolate KISSES and chunks of bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate 4 each, with vanilla ice cream, add 3

Demi-sphere of light almond meringue toned with pastel shades to represent their wonderful flavors, toasted pistachio, passion fruit, Venezuelan chocolate, strawberry fields, orange lemonade, café latte 9 for 6 cookies



Sparkling Wine
J. P. Chenet Blanc de Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine, France   8
Graham Beck Brut Zero, South African Sparkling Wine  8/30

Buried Cane Chardonnay WA bright, crisp and dry 9/35
Terra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc v dry, earthy aroma minerally lemon tart aftertaste 7/25
Zolo Signature White crisp, refreshing tropical fruit 7/25
Stonewood Chardonnay buttery and complex (Delicious with our mushroom appetizer) 5

Fabre Montmayou aromas of raspberries and strawberries with a touch of citrus 9/35

Criss Cross Petite Sirah juicy raspberries, strawberries and dark ripe blackberries 8/30
McManis Pinot Noir strawberry, cherry, raspberry aromas, cream and vanilla bouquet 8/30
Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano berries, herbs, vanilla 10/36
Red Rabble rhubarb earth notes and blueberry 9/35
Terra Blanca Merlot red fruits, cedar and savory herbs 8/30
Stonewood Merlot on the sweet side, our everyday red 5/20
Zolo Malbec creamy dark red berry and dark plum 10/36
Matchbook Syrah smooth, ripe and earthy 10/36
Dussek Syrah aromatic, fruity and wild 10/36
Iris Pinot Noir raspberry, crisp tannins 10/36

On Tap   Pints 5.50   Pitchers 15 Growlers 22
Pint of Island Hoppin Old Madrone 6.50
San Juan IPA Brewery, Red Truck Lager, Pt. Townsend Scotch Ale

Bottles 4
Pelican New World IPA, Pelican Brewing Pilsner

Cans 4
La Raza Mexican Style (can); Boundary Bay Cedar Dust IPA (can); Hard Cider (ask your server)

Soft Beverages 1.25
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Crush, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper

Tea, Lemonade 2.50

Nespresso Coffee 2.5 or with milk 3

Water 1.50
S. Pellegrino natural mineral water, Perrier 2.50

Please check pricing in our downloadable menu below




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